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Bringing advice, network and capital to accelerate growth

Our Mission

Centerstone was founded with a clear mission: to build exceptional professional services and enterprise technology businesses. But we know it takes more than just capital to do so.

Having previously led global strategy and innovation for the world's largest professional services firm, spanning 150 countries and over $55 billion in revenue, Centerstone's founders have a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities facing the industry. We also know that there has never been a more exciting time to invest.

Centerstone brings both capital and capability to the table. We take a true partnership approach with our investees, providing the expertise to help shape the business, and global network of clients and partners to help accelerate growth.

As an adviser, connector, interpreter, and investor, Centerstone is positioned at the center of the professional services and enterprise technology ecosystem, providing a platform to connect the world's largest professional services firms with leading tech companies.

Investing where we can create value

Investment Strategy


  • High-growth technology businesses solving issues critical to professional services and their clients

  • Leveraging network and expertise to focus on opportunities where we can proactively create value and deliver outsized risk-adjusted returns

Key Domains

  • Cloud, AI/ML, Platforms and ESG, with innovative  business models

  • Centerstone will not consider consumer products, pure-play B2C tech, or non-ESG aligned companies


  • Investment in Series B-C at valuations sub-$100 million

  • Typically investments between $3 - $10m

  • Proven technology and proven revenue model

  • Opportunity for global expansion


  • Australian businesses with ability to achieve global scale

  • Select US, European and Asian businesses where Centerstone can deliver value


  • Scalable and ‘future-oriented’ business model

  • Proprietary technology or IP

  • Strong prospects for growth, profit, and high cash flow conversion

  • Durable competitive advantages

  • Proven management

  • Under-appreciated sources of value

Accelerating growth through expertise and global network

Our Advantage

Demand for technology and tech-enabled capabilities is at an all-time high in professional services. With a major shift in the professional services business model underway, professional services firms can no longer afford to simply deliver traditional advice. Clients are now demanding faster, higher quality outcomes, and expect professional services firms to bring technology assets to their engagements. Products, platforms, tools and data are becoming the new battleground across the $7 trillion global industry.

Gaining access to a major global professional services firm or enterprise client can be game-changing for an early-stage tech company. Yet despite the rampant demand for technology across professional services, most early-stage tech companies are unable to successfully gain access to decision makers, and often don't understand how to position their product or service with their chosen audience.

As an advisor, connector, and interpreter, Centerstone plays a critical role in assisting investee companies to shape their strategy, business model, and offering to ensure it resonates with their target market. By leveraging our extensive global network, Centerstone also assists investee companies to gain access professional services and enterprise organisations and successfully structure sales and partnership arrangements.


As an investor, Centerstone provides the capital, credibility and reach to help investee companies achieve success.

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